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February 2, 2017:  A Facebook Post I confess that often during this time of transition my thoughts go back to the home I left behind in New Hampshire that had everything I needed--except for an honest and civilized surrounding community. Faced with virtually a promise of being endlessly victimized into annihilation, I chose freedom and life instead. I continue to hope and pray for a new sense of home to be established so that I can begin to heal from this very terrible loss, but so far I'm still waiting and unable to forget--and all the while the residents of that town continue to present themselves as decent people (according to a post that crossed my page this morning). Yeah, right--about as decent as rapists and murderers, if their actions were more literally visible. I stand in opposition to such hypocrisy in whatever ways I can, because everyone deserves home and happiness-- even me. December 25, 2019 The years since the last post have been exceedingly difficult ones--taking me through diverse and often oppressive living situations in more than a half dozen places in widely diverse areas of Colorado.  I continue to pray for family and community, but manifestation of any positive answer is thus far conspicuously absent.  Numerous moments with particular individuals nonetheless allow life to persevere in minimal forward movement, thus maintaining hope for better days ahead.  At the very least, I have managed to keep my current family together.  Of the three dachshunds whom I will always regard as family also, who went to live with a former lifepartner in 2014 for their own physical safety, two are now deceased and the third is now subjected to a loveless and oppressive environment, but is nonetheless being held hostage.  I am doing what I can to encourage a more positive resolution, but my efforts have not thus far been in any way respected or rewarded.  I was nonetheless very thankful for an opportunity last October, to see him and for us to reaffirm our love for one another, even as we each had little choice but to endure the respective forms of oppression currently being experienced.  I continue to pray for him each and every day.